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It has such a delightful pea-ness to it...

Hello, my people!

Work has been sucking, of course. I am supposed to be transferring on Monday, but no one really knows what is going on. Some people expect me up in Dublin, some in Columbus. I think I just won't show up anywhere and let each place think I'm at the other. That would be pretty awesome.

After work last Friday, I picked up some pad thai for me and my parents, since Ryan had already driven to Sidney for camping. After my parents left, I took care of some housework and stuff. I also finally got around to watching a tape that my coworker loaned to me of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode where they go back in time to the episode of the original series "The Trouble with Tribbles." It was pretty funny and kind of got me back in the mood for Star Trek. Not that I have time to watch that, though, with the wasteland of television that is on right now.

Saturday morning I went for a walk at Antrim with Marci. We probably could have run, but I wanted to hear all about her honeymoon and stuff, so we just walked four laps while getting schooled by people with strollers (seriously, those people go fast!). The weather was great, and it felt wonderful being outside. Then we both went to our friend Amy's bridal shower at Buca di Beppo. I hadn't eaten there in a long time--I forgot how good it was! The shower was in the Cinderella theme, so the cake and favors were adorable. I was recruited to make the ribbon bouquet for Amy, which was a challenge, considering we were at a restaurant and scissors, tape, and other supplies aren't readily available. But it turned out okay.

After the shower, I drove up to meet Ryan at camping. I liked this kind of camping, where a modern toilet and running water is readily available. I didn't swim in the lake or anything, but I quickly developed an addiction to riding the ATV. That thing was pretty awesome, even though I didn't go too fast. Too bad I didn't notice the "No passengers" warning until the next morning after I rode in the back a couple times (screaming like a banshee the whole time). We also played some volleyball, watched Ryan play poker, sat by the bonfire (with lovely colored flames), all that good stuff. When people started doing fireworks, I got a little freaked out. I just hate it when regular people do those--I just keep seeing someone's hand get blown off or something. Sleeping in the tent was surprisingly comfortable. It was a lot cooler than our apartment, which was sweltering because our A/C had been out since Wednesday (thanks, landlord!). In the morning, I actually caught some fish! I was just playing around with the pole (that's what she said!) when people started yelling at me to start reeling in the fish. I hadn't even noticed that little buoy thing was bobbing. I got three fish (or probably the same one three times) until the last one I got seemed to have swallowed the hook, so I felt terrible. Blake caught a catfish, but the best part was that as he was holding it for a picture, it freaked out and he dropped it. I got a picture of it while it happened, so we if ever need a laugh, we'll look at that picture.

Ryan and I got back to our stifling apartment Sunday and just sat around watching TV and movies for the rest of the day, trying not to get too sweaty. We finally got the A/C fixed Monday, but not before caving in at 1am and going to Meijer to get a fan. This one is pretty cool though, since it has remote control! Yes, we are lazy.

This week has been pretty hectic, but I feel like I am in decent shape for having work done for the month. We will see how things go with the transition. I do look forward to the challenge, but I am sure my life is about to get 400% more stressful. I will just have to learn from my mistakes and do the best I can. Other than that, I've been horrible about working out, which makes me sad. I need to get back on that, like yesterday. The problem is that with the new location will come a new schedule--even more like regular people, like 8 to 5pm. That will be nice for a while, but boy do I love sleeping in.

Okay, so now for the Rock Star update:

Magni (My generation)... Better than last week. He was channeling the Bono vibe, which was only mildly annoying.

Chris (Take Me Out)... Wow, he sucks. What a poseur.

Patrice (Heart Shaped Box)... I looked up Jordis Unga's performance of this from last year, and Patrice just can't compare. Kind of vanilla. In fact, almost all these rockers suck compared to the ones from last year.

Jenny (Tainted Love)... This chick bugs me. She does need a sandwich--and some voice lessons to make her voice not so thin and nasal.

Zayra (You Really Got Me Now)... Get out. Now. Please stop with the sassypants attitude and the catsuits.

Phil (If You Could Only See)... He makes me feel dirty. So awkward on stage, and I don't even see why the guys love his voice so much.

Josh (With Arms Wide Open)... Already gets negative points for singing Creed. He smiles a lot while singing, which is not so "rocker"-esque.

Dilana (Ring of Fire)... I think Ryan and I are obsessed with this lady. She scares us to death, but we love how she sang Ring of Fire. Ryan especially loves when she says, "fiery."

Storm (Surrender)... I have never heard this song before, but she just seems so bright and shiny when performing that I am mesmerized. She may be this year's MiG or Ty, who were too Broadway for the rock band. She looked a bit like a mix between Sporty and Baby Spice, but supersized (she is 6' tall).

Toby (Somebody Told Me)... I agree with him getting the encore. He totally rocked out and still sounded good. After hearing him sing all gravelly, it's hilarious to hear his real voice. Kind of like watching Lee Adama on Battlestar Galactica and then hearing how Jamie Bamber sounds in real life.

Lukas (Don't Panic)... He kind of bugs me, and I can see what that guy said about constricting his voice. Not only is that bad for the voice, it also sounds like poo.

Jill (Violet)... Never heard this original song either, but I know it can't sound half as bad as what she screeched.

Dana (Born to Be Wild)... Yawn. She looks totally like a good girl who is trying to be bad. Claiming she was rocking out because she was wearing fishnets and leopard? Right. Her hair even looks like it was pin straight, and she teased the hell out it. It doesn't look authentically dirty like Dilana's. Her eye makeup looked weird also, especially on the insides of her eyes. It made her look a little more like an alien.

Ryan (???)... Seriously, this guy is forgettable.

I was kind of sad that Chris left last night, since I thought his performance was the best of the three on the elimination show. I was just pissed that Zayra got to stay and keep thinking that she is the shizz. Well, she'll be gone soon enough. I think the only serious contenders on this show are Dilana, Lukas (even though I don't think he's that great), and Toby. Then again, the performers haven't been too consistent yet, so we'll just have to see. I do miss Marty, though. He needs to be famous!
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