JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

My brother, the Hero

So my brother has been in the local media a couple of times recently, which is always a thrill. He is no stranger to the Dispatch, where he is a frequent contributor to the Travel Section (where people from Columbus send in pictures of themselves in fun non-Columbus places). However, earlier this summer, he had an article featuring him in C-Bus Magazine, a young professionals magazine here (page 7). And just yesterday, he was on ONN (as well as 610 AM this morning)! He's a celebrity! Ok, it wasn't the longest of interviews, but he sounded so professional and well-spoken! I am so proud. He was talking about how even though Honda decided not to build their plant here in Ohio, there was still a great opportunity for suppliers to build factories here. That's my brother--the champion of Ohio economics!

I was at work from 10 am this morning until 11 pm. I got a lot done, so that I should be able to finish all my work for the quarter on my one day in Columbus next week. I'm back in Dublin tomorrow, and have a bit to do there. It never ends, really. Next week is going to be hectic with all the meetings and conference calls. I need to be better about those, since I tend to space out during them while doing other work at my desk. Concentrate! Focus! Just like Commando.

Thoughts on Rock Star later.
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