JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

The Pride of the Buckeyes

We're watching the WOSU documentary about the band that aired on Tuesday. It's pretty neat, since we know quite a lot of people being interviewed, and it's always fun to watch a show about something you know a lot about.

It is, of course, making me nostalgic. I miss many aspects of band--and just how badass the band is in general. Lots of good memories each year--I wish I had kept a diary or something. I also loved totally random things about the band, like pennants, postgame (an irrational love, but I do love postgame!), Pam (the trainer), etc. Some things make me hyperventilate a little just remembering them, like music checks, tryouts (especially the facings--I forgot how crazy those were), crossovers, and sectionals (mostly because of how useless they were due to a teacher that liked talking more than teaching!). And I will always see as one of the most useful things about being in band was learning that Zout is amazing for laundry. It works--thanks for the tip, Slim Jim!

It seems like forever ago, though. Even watching this it is difficult to imagine that I used to do that, used to be there. Good times, good times.
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