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Christmas Newsletter

Since I have been such a slacker this year posting to my journal, I thought I would write a cheesey little newsletter, like really organized families do. I don't really remember much from the year, but whatever.

Season's Greetings! Well, 2006 was definitely a year of changes for me! I began my new job in late January as a supervisor of my department. I can't believe it's been a year already, since I still feel like I have so much to learn! I certainly had to get used to a new lifestyle of working a regular 5 day a week schedule and discovering my inner workaholic nature. It has truly been an educational experience being in this position. One truly learns a lot about people that is unexpected. Ryan has been having a lot of changes at work, mainly the merge of the College of Education with the College of Human Ecology. This brought new responsibilities and focus on the infamous NCATE project. It also brought a new m*ch*g*n loving coworker. More on that later.

One of the interests that we have developed this year would be Battlestar Galactica. This show should be watched by everyone. Although it may be quite impossible to get past the name Battlestar Galactica, but rest assured that this is a show that has something for everyone. We love to get people into the show, so let us know if you want to watch it! So say we all.

In April, I ran the Columbus Distance Classic Half-Marathon. It was something I have wanted to do since I started running, and I was very excited to finish. It was only the second street race I had done, but I loved the atmosphere of all these amazing athletes. I finished in over two hours, but with an average around 10 minutes per mile, so I have lots of room for improvement. My advice for runners: respect the distance. And don't think that a small bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats is going to give you the energy needed for 13 miles.

This summer, Ryan and I went on a grand tour of Northern Ohio to various weddings. We got to see our good friends Marci and Matt, Brian and Stephanie, and Ross and Erin all get hitched. We had a very relaxing summer and began visiting condos and looking at houses since our space situation is dire at The Ridge. We'll have to keep everyone updated on our status.

Autumn brought crisp weather and OSU FOOTBALL! The Stockers befriended the family tailgating next to them during the first home game. I was marching in the Alumni game, but when I got back to the tailgate, I discovered that the family they met was that of an acquaintance from my high school! And thus, the Steele-Stocker tailgate was born. It was a raging success all year and certainly contributed to the Buckeyes' perfect regular season. The m*ch*g*n game was amazing! We were all lucky enough to go to the game and enjoy the Buckeye victory!

I was able to do a bit of traveling this year. Ryan and I went on a weekend trip to Old Man's Chalets for a friends birthday in March, and I took a road trip with my mom to Kentucky and Tennessee. I also traveled to Miami and Denver with my mom in October and December. I also went camping in North Carolina in November. And even with these trips, I was stuck with almost 30 hours of vacation that I am not able to use by the end of the year, such is my workaholism. However, I am hoping that 2007 brings me more peace of mind to travel, or at least to take time off instead of working all the time.

We are spending the holidays in Minerva with Ryan's family and hoping that all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
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