JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

The Game

Well, that was mildly depressing. We were bound to lose eventually, but it's still difficult to recall how it feels when you haven't done it for a while. This was just like a whole different team playing than during the season, or even last year. It just collapsed. We still love you, Bucks, and this is why:

You will never in a million years hear quotes like this in a newspaper article:

"Honestly, we've played a lot better teams than them," Florida defensive end Jarvis Moss said.

Seriously, have some class. Even in defeat, the Buckeyes can be a lot more graceful than this guy.

Anyway, as Troy Smith said, if this is the worst thing to happen in life to us, we're pretty cool.

Onward and upward, folks--kickoff in a few months! :)
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