JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

On the road again...

I haven't posted here in a while, and it is somewhat sad. I'm a keeper of days, events, etc, and I feel that these lost months/years without an entry will just be a blank spot in my life if I ever look back on it. Not that much has happened.

-I got my first upward evaluation back at work. After a year and a half at my job. It was a big shock, but it has put me on a mission to change the things I can, and let go of worrying about things I can't. Like that poster says. Although it makes me somewhat curious as to what comments I got before, since I received decent scores about a year ago, when I first started. Although those were probably pity scores. It just isn't the easiest to hear that I have yet to show I am extraordinary at my being what I am, because that is what I have to be to motivate others. My brother did tell me that most people that get promoted do so because they excel at the job they just got promoted from, and that the leader/manager role is such a different ball game that it takes time to get used to. I question my managerial skills as well, but considering that I am almost literally the youngest person in the department, and that I work like a dog to make things go smoothly, I think I'm doing okay. We have such a high maintenance group that they don't realize how much work and grief they give us. But I have a new boss right now, and he is actually very receptive (having just had my same job a year a half ago). I did worry though that everyone would think that my personal initiative to make things "better" for our team would be looked at as his doing, and not mine, but whatever. I don't do the job for my health--I should except some crap now and then.

-We're moving, which is exciting and a pain all at once. I can not wait to see the old credit card bill this month. Although I think it's good that I'm actually taking time to research and get things that are actually quality, rather than what is on sale. We want this place to be comfortable and fun, so we're taking our time moving. Sad part is how much we've already moved over there, and yet our apartment still looks the same. Pack rat much?

-It's wedding season again. Two down, two to go. It's fun times. At the last wedding, I was standing up there like a boob for that bouquet toss, and Caryn actually pointed to me that I'm supposed to catch it, and the girl (probably one of Caryn's relatives or neighbors?) said to me, "I'm going to dive for it, just so you know." So for fear of losing an arm, I didn't go for it. And besides, the only way you can go for it without looking like a desperate person is to do what Fumi did during the garter toss, which is to full on DIVE and SLIDE on the floor for it. Amazing, to be honest. We're off to another one in Cleveland tonight.

-I need to find a place to post my pictures. I would put them up in albums of my Yahoo page, but I'm concerned about that crazy stalker from three years ago. Any suggestions? I suppose I could just buckle down and get a google address, but do they have photo stuff?

-We're going to IKEA this weekend. Do you have any idea how excited I am? So excited. It will probably be busy as shizz, but I have the catalog all marked up and we're taking two SUVs, so it is GO TIME. I haven't been there in about four or five years, and even then, all I bought was a glass bowl and some serving utensils. Now is time for dressers, beds, and fun stuff! Plus, then I get to put it all together. I wish I could just take the next week off and do all that.

-I'm a little out of running again, which is bad, considering we were thinking of doing the marathon this year. It may still be in the cards, but with work (but then there is always work), moving, the heat, etc... Plus my sheer laziness. Maybe when I go to the doctor today and find out how much I weigh, I will finally get my ass in gear.

-I am caving in to more TV. Summer shows are Hell's Kitchen and So You Think You Can Dance. I just love watching people perform. I don't know much about dance, but I like watching it. Although that Mary lady needs a muzzle. She laughs like me and it is annoying as heck to listen to it.

-Went to Karaoke for the first time. IT WAS AMAZING. I am so glad my camera has a video function on it and no one was sober enough to use it but me. Bonus being that I can take videos of others, but there exists no video of me singing. I must go again soon. Love singing, even though I suck so, so badly. It's almost frightening how willingly I torture others with my off-key belting of "Alone" by Heart. Watch out, Carrie Underwood! More like watch out William Hung, though. And watch out for four guys singing a completely unrecognizable version of "End of the Road." It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

-Going camping next weekend. Should be good times--I have to take another board exam soon, so I'll probably spend most of the weekend reading, but it will be nice to just be away, away.

Well, I better get going. Lots to do today. Have a good one!
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