JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

I think someone took my lunch at work yesterday. I had left my insulated lunch box on my desk the day before, so I had to pack it in a regular plastic bag and put it in the fridge. It wasn't a fancy lunch. Just leftover ramen salad, a yogurt, an applesauce, a Diet Cherry Coke, and a piece of old Texas Sheet Cake. I usually eat lunch at my desk, but since I was working early yesterday, I was going to eat with some coworkers. But I spent most of the time looking through the fridges, feeling bad about pawing other people's plastic bags trying to find mine.

I thought maybe I left it in my car (yum, hot yogurt), or at home on the counter, which I have done. But it's not there. Oh well. I hope the person that had it was really hungry and really needed it, not just some asshole.

I did go home and watch the part of the Concert for Diana when Take That performed. As Ryan said today, that stuff is like porn for me. I love the boy bands, especially if they are all grown up, reunited, and still sound good. I really liked the two songs they performed, "Shine" and "Patience," and "Back for Good" just brings back gushy feelings from ten years ago. I'm such a dork.
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