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My first race was some time in 2003 or 2004 when I first started running. It was the Jingle Bell Run. I was really nervous and completely unprepared, as I went by myself and had no one to carry my stuff! Made worse by the fact that I registered that day, so I had to pay more and carry that stupid bag of goodies the whole time. And I didn't even get a t-shirt because they ran out! My brother was there with his friends, though, so that was cool. I think I finished around 26:00, but at that point, I was running a lot.

2006 Columbus Half Marathon. 4.1.06. Chip Time: 2:11:55. After years of talking, I finally decided to do the Columbus Half Marathon. I trained by myself, and the night before the race, I stayed at my brother's apartment since he lived close to downtown and would give me a ride in the morning. I met Ryan and his friends at the VC after work, but I didn't eat much since I was afraid I would get sick. In the morning, I ate a bowl of Frosted Miniwheats for breakfast and got a ride to the start line. When I was checking my stuff in, I saw a few people from band that I knew. They asked me who I trained with/was running with and seemed surprised that I was going solo. The race itself was pretty fun. The weather was cloudy and cool. Ryan fought a monster hangover and met me at the stadium. I started getting really lightheaded and bogged down once we turned off High Street. I contribute my implosion to two things: too light of a breakfast and the fact that I am unfamiliar with this area of Columbus. So without that reference for how far I had yet to go, I broke down. I walked for a quite a bit (this continues to be a trend) after Mile 9. My brother was at the finish line and cheered my on at the end, but I felt pretty worn down. I think I was really depressed about my time, because I was in the mindset that if you were going less than 10:00 per mile, you may as well be walking. I was happy to finish, but it was bittersweet because the goals I set were just way too out of reach.

2006 Jingle Bell Run. 12.3.06. Clock time: 27:15. Ryan decided that he wanted to start training for the half marathon, so we signed up for our first race together. He was running a decent amount by then, so a 5k was a good way to start. It was freezing cold, but I insisted on wearing shorts. I felt pretty decent, but the weather made it very difficult to get Ryan too excited because every breath felt like getting stabbed in the lungs. It felt great to run together.

2007 Columbus Distance Classic. 4.14.07. Chip time: 2:06:23. I lost Ryan and Paul right at the beginning because I thought I would try to go to the bathroom. So I ran alone again, but it was a lot better knowing more people that were running. I felt pretty good until mile 8 (again), but at least I had a better breakfast that year and didn't have such a breakdown as 2006. I still had to walk a bit, but I did do better, probably because I started at a better pace. I was going about 9:00 per mile for the first 8 miles, but then started to bleed time again. Overall, I was very pleased with the improvement over last year. Everyone else did really well, so it made for a great day. I was in some horrible chafing, so the walk back to the car was pretty painful.

2007 Lima Freedom 5k. 7.4.07. Clock time: 29:33. We went to Lima to help a friend through his first 5k. We ran with him to help him, but I was still pretty sapped since I didn't know the route at all, and I wasn't training much. This was supposed to be our first week of training for the marathon, though.

2007 Columbus Marathon. 10.21.07. Chip time: 4:49:11. We felt really good during the first half, but Ryan hurt his knee around mile 16 or 17, so he told me to keep going as he tried to hobble on. I kept running steadily through the Clintonville portion, but once I hit Ackerman, I was starting to hit the wall. I started walking, especially through the part in UA where it is in a residential area and there are not as many spectators. The 20-mile mark was nice because there was a block party, but by the time I reached Lane Avenue, there weren't that many people around. There was some random folk band in front of Frontrunner. Not very motivating.

Running through campus was not quite the inspirational motivation I had hoped for, although I did appreciate the guy giving away Oreos on Woody Hayes. Thanks, man! I was walking pretty frequently by then and looking forward to water stations because they were legitimate reason to walk. I started resenting those "Only 4 miles to go!" signs around campus as well, but I was boosted by seeing John & Shea on College Ave, as well as Chris and Jenn at the Oval. I saw Marci and Matt at Goodale Park, and my parents by the North Market, so that was really great, even though I was pretty much walking steadily by then. Apparently my parents thought I was delirious because I still had my jacket on, since it was so warm by then. I don't remember much about finishing, except being really glad that it was over so I could get the cool silver blanket, even if it was not even close to being cold enough to need it (it did come in handy for "Dress like a burrito" at Chipotle at Halloween). I stayed at the finish line so I could wait for Ryan. He had a pretty rough time of it due to his injury and barely made it, but he did! He was in a lot of pain and took about an hour to finish just the last three miles. He proposed after the race, so that was completely a surprise. It was funny because we were in this area where the sports expo was, but there didn't seem to be that many people around, but the moment he got down on one knee, you could hear all these women gasping and going, "Awww!!" It was like they all had a radar for that stuff. Ryan's parents were a little way off, so lots of people thought we were alone and offered to take our picture, which was really nice. It makes me sad that I didn't wait for him to help him through the race so we could finish together. Poor guy ran with the ring in his pocket the whole time (and when they saw me without him during the race, they thought he had lost it along the way or something). It was such a great moment because it was not the romantic hearts and flowers type of engagement--that would not have been like us at all. Now he has a personal vendetta against this marathon though, so we'll be doing it again this year so he can kick its ass by stretching properly and not getting injured. We had a party that afternoon, so it was great to see our friends and celebrate everything that happened that day. We'll probably look to do some other marathons in other cities as well.

2007 Jingle Bell Run. 12.1.07 Clock time: 26:14. Went to wipe my eye at the end of the race and my contact lens popped, so I caused a minor traffic jam at the finish line as I tried to find it (I did). I felt a bit like vomiting during the race.

2008 Columbus Distance Classic (The Bank of America Capital City Half Marathon). 4.12.08. Chip time: 2:03:47. Starting training late this year, but that's probably not a good excuse. About four weeks before the race, we decided to try to do it in two hours. I really need to start speedwork next year to really attain this goal. Maintained 9:00/mile pace for about 6 miles, but started bleeding time around mile 7 (same as always) on High Street. Walked through a few water stations, but kept running on all hills (except last 10 feet of High St coming back into downtown), and kept running into the wind. It seemed like we were running into the wind after EVERY turn. Is that even possible? Really started to drag around mile 9. I lost Ryan and Paul again at the beginning since they wanted to go to the bathroom. Ryan passed me around mile 2 and I never saw him again. He finished about 3 minutes in front of me, so he did make it in 2 hours! Woo!

I would really like to try different races, like 10k or marathons in other places: New York, St. Louis (since Chris is there), Alaska, etc.

2008 Columbus Marathon. 10.19.08. Chip time: 4:41:29. Slight improvement over last year, but still made too many mistakes! Not enough training, but this year, I also had a lot less stress about it. I knew that I would probably walk during it, so for some reason, the pressure was off. I started with the 4:30 pace group while Ryan was with the 4:00 pace group. I think both of us were being a bit optimistic there. I stayed with the pace group for about 6 miles before I started feeling really good and going ahead of them. I liked the pace group idea (our pacer was really nice--I almost got to hold the balloons once!), except for the super annoying guy who kept saying "Excuse us!" really loudly to anyone who dared get in the way. So I started creeping ahead and hit the half at just over 10:00/hour pace. But by mile 16, I was starting to fade. Then the worst was that the pace group then passed me. So sad! But good for them--they looked good and cheery. The course was different this year, so no more of that depressing slag through UA, but the part right after the half-marathon finish on High Street is always so empty. At any rate, I really liked going through Grandview, and seeing Fumi, Kate, Paul, and Jason on the latter stretches really boosted me a bit. About 3 miles from the finish, I caught up to Ryan, who was slowly imploding. We encouraged each other and crossed the finish line together (holding hands like idiots!). So our picture perfect ending that should have happened last year happened this year. But I love the way Ryan proposed last year, and he did say that since it was so much more crowded this year, he's not sure he would have been able to do it at all!

2008 Jingle Bell Run. 12.6.08. 27.17. We were planning on taking this race pretty easy after the marathon and not training, but of course this year they decided to chip time it! It was pretty neat--they have these disposable chips that they use. They only measure when you cross the finish line, but the group isn't so large that it would take a significant amount of time to cross the start line anyway. I didn't feel great, but the weather was nice and cold. I for once was passing more people than those that passed me. There were no mile markers or people calling out splits, so I was freaking out a bit because I had no idea what pace I was going, but if they had to sacrifice that for the chips, I'll take it. I finished 10th in my age group, so I was pretty pumped about that! Ryan did great as well, even though we were both off a little from last year. Ryan's mom also shaved 8 minutes off her time from last year, and that was recovering from an ACL injury! She is a machine!

2010 Indy Mini (Half Marathon). 5.8.10. Chip Time: 2.16.43. After a "race-free 2009," this was our first foray back into running. I hardly trained at all since I am really into Body Pump classes and going to Dance Fusion classes. Plus, working a lot. So the longest I ran prior to this race was 5 miles, and not fast at that. So I figured this would be a "PW" but not by this much! I did go without stopping for the longest ever on a half (11.5 miles), but at a much slower pace than previous half marathons (probably more on pace with regular marathons, which I went without stopping for a longer period. Lesson learned: TRAIN! But it was so awesome to be there with Ryan, our moms, and our friends (Matt, Marci, John, Gavin, Chris). It was just a great weekend in Indy, even if it did end up being the "Windy Mini."

2010 Race for the Cure 5k. 5.15.10. 28:15. After the stunning victory at the half, we figured a nice easy 5k would be fun. And it was an amazing event. I think there were over 50,000 participants. There was definitely way better weather and a lot more food/amenities at this race than even the Indy Mini, which was funny. Due to the number of participants, it wasn't the type of race to try to beast at, especially since we were participating courtesy of Kate's work, so we weren't in the "chipped" category. But the course was great--through all the parts of the Short North that I know and love. The run back up High Street was really cool because there were dozens of bikers revving their Harleys all down the street. So loud! I didn't bring my GPS, so I just timed it on my iPhone. It wasn't a bad showing for as little training as I had done, but I definitely need to get back into running. While I love the Body Pump classes that I'm doing, I need to step up my cardio!

2010 SIDS Awareness 5k. 7.31.10 29:10. We ran this race for Team Sydney. This was Shea's first 5k, and she rocked it, as did John! John probably finished in the top 10 (update: 6th place!), and he ran the whole thing with a stroller and Addison. It was a very small event, but a lot of supporters for a great cause. The weather could not have been better! The course ended up being an out-and-back on the running trails downtown (starting at COSI), so it was actually pretty hilly considering it's Columbus. I think due to the nature of the event, it was not a competitive crowd, so I actually didn't have any girls pass me after the second mile or so. And I didn't even run my best time, but I think I placed pretty respectably overall (update: 60th place, Ryan got 28th place with a time of 25:51). Everyone did really well, including the walkers, so it was a wonderful way to celebrate Sydney.

2011 Race for the Cure.

2011 SIDS Awareness 5k
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