JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

I have been inspired enough to say that I need to see some more Colin Firth movies soon. I recently re-watched about 5 hours of the 6 hour BBC Pride and Prejudice. I saw in it high school and remembered thinking that Mr. Darcy's declaration to Lizzie was probably the most amazing thing I had ever seen, mostly because the actor was so very understated in his expression. Mr. Darcy was of course, Colin Firth. Too bad there wasn't DVR back then or else I would have watched that scene over and over. While I also enjoy the Keira Knightley version, especially the rain soaked scene, that last scene with Darcy feels a bit more emotional than what Darcy would allow.

At any rate, I happened upon the end of Bridget Jones' Diary on TV the other night, in which Colin Firth plays the modern day Darcy. The movie itself makes me cringe, but I do like Colin Firth in all his stodginess. Now I actually want to see the second Bridget Jones movie, which is probably just as cringeworthy and awful. And Love Actually, which is probably saccharine and sweet, but I never saw that movie--even though it's been on our Netflix at least three times.
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