JadePhoenix (jadephoenix) wrote,

Why I am having such odd dreams...

We have been watching Lost. I am forever trying to resist all fads, but then I get sucked in later in the game and embrace the fandom wholeheartedly. It's always been this way, like with Harry Potter, flip flops, Christmas decorations... I didn't see what the big deal with Lost was, and the way people just went on and on about it was pretty irritating. We have been watching all the episodes on abc.com, which has been very convenient. What is most inconvenient is that they are showing promos for the current season of Lost (during the commercial breaks for these online episodes!) so we're doing a lot of covering of eyes and ears for that part. Luckily, we are almost half way through Season 4 so we won't have long to wait. Although we will experience the same thing as when we got into BSG. The instant gratification of being able to watch episode after episode is great, but then when we start watching the episodes in real time, it really sucks.

I read the Twilight series. Again with the lateness to fandom. Kate let me borrow the books (all four together, so no waiting). They were a good guilty pleasure, although some people saying they are the best books ever are exaggerating. Just a bit. Bella is alright, but of course the big draw is Edward, the amazing vampire. The last book was okay, but the non-event of the final fight was... disappointing. Although I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, since all the books have been that way. Bella being unconscious for the fight in Twilight? Lame. The confrontation in New Moon? Also no action. And not much Edward. Lame. But I still enjoyed the series.

We also went to see Twilight. Seeing it the Monday after opening at a nice theatre definitely made it more enjoyable. I would not have wanted to see the movie with a bunch of squeeing fangirls (aside from myself). My one complaint was the non-blondes being cast as blonde--Carlisle, Rosalie, and Jasper. Not that I had a problem with the actors, but making non-blondes blonde always looks odd to me. I liked the movie, even if I was rolling my eyes at some parts. Robert Pattinson looked good, even with gross unwashed hair. I just think of this picture (http://perezhilton.com/2008-10-16-completely-gratuitous-49#respond) and everything is okay again. I really liked the casting of Bella, except for her (as someone very astutely put it) Nicolas Fehn-like sputtering in the hospital.

I just finished The Host (also by Stephenie Meyer). It is part of my slow weaning process from the world of Stephenie Meyer. I wasn't into this book at first and found it difficult to get in to, but by the end, I did enjoy it. It was an interesting world. The "bad guys" weren't so bad; the "good guys" had the barbaric tendencies. It was an interesting take on humanity. I really started getting into the book when I started picturing Ian as Ian Somerhalder (Boone from Lost--ah, crossover fandom) and his pretty pretty eyes. Maybe Sawyer could be Kyle.

So this combination of random sci-fi fantasy things is giving me the creepiest dreams.
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